Bubbly Pets: Posh Edinburgh offers tofu cat litter and puppy ice cream from Asia | Edinburgh News

2021-11-13 07:48:46 By : Mr. Jack star

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Bubbly Pets on Minto Street in Edinburgh brought many interesting pet products to the UK market for the first time.

28-year-old Johnny Chui-the owner of 15 cats and 5 dogs-struggled to find the pet products he wanted in the UK.

After continuously shipping products from overseas Asian markets to his home in Edinburgh, Johnny and his 25-year-old partner Melody Chung decided to ship products in batches and opened "Bubbly Pets" to share unusual products.

Some of the unique items offered in the store include dog sunscreen and frozen yogurt, as well as environmentally friendly tofu cat litter.

These items are shipped from Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China and have been very popular since the store opened on June 2.

Mr. Cui, who is from Hong Kong but has lived in Edinburgh for 10 years, was shocked by this reaction.

He originally wanted to open a cat cafe, but the epidemic made him reconsider.

Mr. Cui, who was engaged in the tourism industry before opening the store, said: “This was mainly when we first raised cats about four years ago, which increased our demand for pet products.

"We looked for a lot of products for our pets, but we couldn't find the products we wanted in the UK.

"So we thought why not bring them to the market ourselves and open a shop.

"We get our stuff from Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China. There are crazy pet supplies there.

"We have many people, including those in the pet industry, who come in and say they have never seen most of the products in our store.

"People think it's fun to see dog ice cream.

"Some of our flavors include honey and banana, apple banana and carrot, and strawberry and apple.

"We also make frozen yogurt that makes dogs crazy-they will eat a full bathtub in a few seconds.

"Our other popular product is tofu cat litter.

"These things are really useful and good for the environment.

"You can flush it directly into the toilet, or put it in a flowerpot, and it will dissolve within a week.

"One of my dogs lacks a piece of fur and needs sunscreen.

"So I ordered some dog sunscreen to help owners with similar problems.

"It's really angry, we received a lot of positive feedback.

"Suppliers and customers say they have never seen anything like this."

This shop also sells unusual corals and plants.

Johnny added: "Part of the business idea comes from our demand for products.

"I originally wanted to open a cat cafe, but due to the epidemic and social distance, this is not ideal now.

"We also produce unique corals, which are not available anywhere in Scotland.

"Business is very good, and it is getting better every day.

"We renovated the store ourselves and ordered everything in bulk from overseas.

"It took half a year, but if it wasn't a transportation issue, we might need three months.