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2021-12-06 19:57:09 By : Ms. May peng

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There is a word that makes cat owners as scared as the cats themselves. This word is "veterinarian". Even the most gentle and courteous cats can turn into a series of paws and jaws when they try to tie them into a pet cage. Once they enter the cat cage and present them to the veterinarian in question, this is another feat. Let them go out again.

Lifestyle company Felissimo is known for a variety of cute life-enriching products, including cat-themed products, where you can soothe those raised buttocks and ensure that you can deliver your cats to them with peace of mind Inspection office.

▼ Launched Register Basket Bag...for cats.

First, there is a little background: Register Basket Bag, or Reji-kago Ryuku, is actually a pre-existing product of Felissimo. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to transport purchased items. With plenty of storage space, a backpack strap that frees your hands, and a revolutionary design that can easily store even the most demanding items, it's no surprise that the Register Basket Bag has become one of Felissimo's most popular products. There is a cat version now!

This backpack-style bag can also be used as a handbag or shoulder bag, and has ample storage gaps. There is a complete zipper pocket on the front of the bag, which is very suitable for storing medical records or personal notes.

▼ A cute cat-shaped print is printed on the front of the bag.

The bag is designed with the help of a licensed veterinarian to ensure that it carries your cat with maximum comfort. This is why the cat version of the Register Basket Bag is lined with a mesh net, allowing the cat inside to see the outside world. The soft and safe base can keep the bag stable, and there is a clip to hold the medical file if necessary.

Now, how do you put the cat in the bag? First of all, must wrap your kitten in the mesh bag that comes with it.

Fasten the zipper and connect it to the carabiner hook in the main bag.

Close the second outer zipper to provide an extra layer of security.

Then complete it by pinching the top of the bag together and sealing it with a third zipper.

Of course, it is strongly recommended that you adapt your cat to the bag like any carrier. Practice putting your cat in the cage and removing it often so that you are not caught outside. Hey, you can even use this bag to buy big cat products such as cat litter and food!

▼ Like the original bag, the weight is evenly distributed and the internal space is large. After payment, just close the string.

This luxurious cat cage costs 6,472 yen, but if it doesn’t suit your taste, why not peruse some of Felissimo’s other ingenious inventions? If you are a dog lover, they will even provide you with protection...or hell, even if you prefer crabs!

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