Marin lawyer arrested for hiding camera in bathroom during teen graduation party

2022-06-25 00:28:45 By : Mr. Jacky Qin

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A Marin County man was arrested on allegations he planted a camera in a bathroom during a teen graduation party.

The 44-year-old Ross man is free on bail pending a review by prosecutors. He declined to comment on the allegations on Friday.

The party was held Tuesday at a Petaluma home near Casa Grande High School.  During the evening, someone found a GoPro camera hidden in a cat litter box in the bathroom. It had been recording for about 30 minutes before it was discovered, according to the Petaluma Police Department.

Police were summoned to the home, and no one admitted to owning the camera.

When police examined it, they reportedly found images of the person who had placed it in the litter box: the ex-husband of the homeowner who was throwing the party for her 17-year-old daughter.

Investigators obtained a warrant, arrested the man in Corte Madera on Thursday and executed a search warrant at his home.

Police booked the man into the Marin County Jail on a misdemeanor count of electronic peeping. His bail amount was $15,000.

During his booking, he gave his occupation as lawyer. According to the state bar’s website, a man by that name has been licensed in California since 2012.

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