Northport can adopt pets this week: Ralph, Maggie and Esther | Northport, New York Patch

2021-12-06 19:56:24 By : Tang HongCheng

Northport, New York-Ralph, Maggie, and Maggie’s daughter Esther is the cat of the week for the Northport Cat Rescue Association. These cats are from Texas.

According to Lora Wild, a volunteer from Northport, the Smile Dog Farm Reserve in Texas, after one of its owners died of COVID-19, sought help from the Northport Cat Rescue Association to help them find several cats home.

"These cats are the three friendliest and caring cats that our rescue team has been fortunate enough to help," Wilder wrote in an email.

According to Wilder, Ralph is only 1 year old, he is stupid, playful and caring.

"They used to call Ralph the mayor," Wilder said. "In fact, when a shelter wants to test whether a dog is behaving well around a cat, Ralph will become a'cat tester' because he is very friendly to dogs. In his current foster family, he also Get along well with all other cats" All Ralph wanted to do was play and stay with people. When you walk into a room, he will run to you and reach out to touch or hug it. "

Ralph has a small dot on his nose and a white ring on his tail. He has always maintained a kitten-like personality.

"For Ralph, what you see is what you get!" Wild wrote.

Marge is a 4 year old all gray cat with short and thick legs. Wilder said that she looked like Russian Blue. When Marge was just a kitten herself, Smiling Dog Farms rescued her when she found out she was pregnant. Esther is one of Marge's beloved daughters: a 3-year-old gray-white long-haired cat.

"Maggie is the closest thing to a dog we have ever seen," Wilder said. "She runs around, rolling on her back and rubbing her abdomen. She will talk to you and will be petted or hugged with you. She is affectionate and looks interesting."

According to Wilder, Esther is still shy, but she is also delicate and caring. Like her mother, she likes to rub her belly and wants to stay nearby.

Wild said that the Northport rescue team would like to see Marge and Esther be adopted together because Marge is an "great mom."

"We think Esther needs her. Kittens are not anymore, but they are the two most beautiful cats. You can only hope that the kittens will become like this one day."

Ralph, Marge and Esther have experienced a lot, including a two-day van trip from Texas to Northport.

"Through all this, they still remain gentle and loving," Wilder said. "We most want to see all of them find home in time during the holidays. The Smile Dog Farm in Texas has done a lot for dogs and cats. This is a good way for us to give back to them, not to help them. People and cats have found their happiness ever since."

All three cats were neutered and neutered, all injected, received litter box training, and had microchips and FELV/FIV negative.

Northport Cat Rescue will host an adoption event at Petco in Commack from 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday.

"Come down, and meet all our beautiful kittens and cats, and Mayor Ralph!" said Ye.

If you are interested in meeting Ralph, Marge and Esther, you can go to the Northport Cat Rescue Association website and fill out the application form to let them know that you want to meet them or any other kittens and cats. You can also call NCRA at 631-606-2631 or send an email to