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2021-12-06 19:57:15 By : Mr. Robert Wang

If you are a pet owner, you will know that no matter how popular a toy becomes, it will not please all furry friends equally. Even so, shoppers say that a viral gadget for cats is very close. It has been popular on TikTok for several months, and users praise it as the "hot" among the most discerning cats.  

Catnip squash comes in many forms, but Potaroma catnip squash toys stand out because of their impressively high ratings on Amazon. The suit consists of four spinning balls made of edible cat-friendly materials. Peel and paste the base to install them on the floor and walls, while the detachable cover keeps fresh when not in use. The brand stated that the toy may not be suitable for kittens under 3 months, but it can allow older kittens and cats to play for several hours. 

buy it! Potaroma catnip wall toy, $12.99 (original price $14.99); Amazon website

The wall toy has a "cat candy" ball. Potarama said it is made from carbohydrate maltose, which is a decomposed form of sugar that cats can safely consume in moderation. There is also a catnip ball to lick, bite and rub. According to the Humane Society, this well-known substance is actually a mint plant that triggers "happiness receptors" in about half of cats. 

Finally, the two balls in the toy are made of cat-friendly silver vine plants. It is not as famous as catnip, but many cats also like it as much or more. Like catnip, some cats have a genetic predisposition to silver vine, while others may not. The toy is still a risk-free purchase: if your cat is not a fan, just contact the brand to get a full refund. 

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For months, TikTok users have praised similar catnip wallballs. In a video, the owners of several cats said that her fur babies were “lined up in a row around the block” so that it was the toy's turn. In addition, because they can be scratched and chewed safely, squash balls provide cats with many benefits, such as relieving boredom, promoting oral health, and even providing better alternatives to tearing up furniture.

The four-piece Potaroma Catnip Wall Toys are currently priced at $13. We don't know when prices will rise, so it is wise for you to order them now.