Volunteer team finds home for hundreds of stray and wild cats in Manchester

2021-11-13 08:27:36 By : Mr. Charles ShanHM

Rescue Kitties adopts stray and wild cats across Greater Manchester...

Anyone who has unfortunately spoken to me in the past six months will know that I now have a cat, I like this cat, and I often talk about cats.

Her name is Iris, and she is the best. She has a loud voice and is always hungry. In the morning, she bites my armpits, pulls her hair, and wakes my wife and I.

We don't know much about Iris, except that she has just turned 1 year old and has given birth to a litter of kittens. You see, Iris is a stray cat abandoned during pregnancy. She was picked up by a group of extraordinary volunteers who run Rescue Kitties, a Facebook group that relocates stray and wild cats across Greater Manchester.

Amy Lee and a wild cat named Donald

The team is currently run by Amy Lee, who took over in 2019, and immediately began to rescue stray cats, cats in danger and wild cats and find their homes, and use a dedicated team of volunteers for veterinary, drug treatment, cutting, and Feed, stroke and hug the cat back to happiness.

The team is actually quite large, and Amy Lee thanked them for all their support over the years; "There is a person in charge of supply, a catcher who helps us deal with tricky cats, a donation coordinator, an adoption and home inspection team, and about 44 foster care Family", these cats can stay there when they are resettled.

"I also rely heavily on our excellent veterinarian team. Without them, we would not be able to boast so many near-miracle success stories."

Last year, Rescue Kitties relocated about 500 cats, and this year they are expected to beat that number by about 750. Of course, this is both encouraging and worrying—especially when the number of abandoned or stray cats is huge. For example, I asked Amy Lee why she thought cats were so insulted, not dogs.

"I think many people think cats are indifferent. They are known for being independent and even a little indifferent."

"But like any animal, they have their own unique personalities. Many of our cats have experienced cold, hungry and sickness on the street, so I love and appreciate finding a home forever."

There are hundreds of adoptions every year. Of course, there will be many stories to tell, many terrible situations, and many heartbreaks when things don’t go well. But when the cat is united with the owner of love and finds himself at home forever, there must also be a lot of happiness-just like Iris is now ruling in my house.

The situation and the scope of the situation are shocking. Amy found a kitten in a plastic bag in the field, a half-dead cat in a box on the school playground, a cat that broke into someone’s greenhouse for help. and many more. . They found cats in rain drains, bar gardens and even a BMW car!

There is also a strange story. Someone saw the kitten disappear under the hood of the car and only drove home for the driver for half an hour. He heard the engine making a quiet meow. They are (understandably) scared of what they might find, but kittens are actually relatively unscathed.

Re-housing, adopting, saving and helping cats must be a very challenging proposition for anyone, and Amy Lee is keen to emphasize that these challenges are often presented in a mutually beneficial way.

“On the one hand, it’s emotional investment — especially when so many cats are sick or injured. On the other hand, it’s always a financial concern. We are totally dependent on donations from our followers, and we realize that, especially recently, people Life is very difficult."

"You want to help every cat, but it's not always possible."

Finally, I asked Amy Lee what advice she would give anyone who wants to adopt a cat, and she gave us all the following tips:

The whole process of adopting Iris is simple and easy, but I always understand that everything the people I talk to and meet with is the well-being of the cat first.

After I initially applied for Iris, I had an informal phone “interview” with one of the returning teams to have the opportunity to ask any questions, but also discussed Iris' specific needs in detail.

When I went to pick her up from Denton’s foster home, Iris was still a little timid. She had a hard time for several months, but when I arrived at her house, she really opened up her heart and has been a woman ever since. Absolute beauty.

Deciding to adopt a cat instead of buying a kitten can easily be the best decision we can make-her first year of life seems to be terrible-now we have to make sure he is happy and spends it The best time is now with us forever.

You can find Rescue Kitties on Facebook below...

If you feel you are ready for the challenge, here is their adoption page...

Here are some recently adopted cats:

Athos (tortoiseshell female) 2 years old British shorthair cat

Tyson (female tabby, 1 year old)

mustard. A cute little girl, about 11 weeks.

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