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2022-07-30 09:11:52 By : Ms. Lucky Zhang

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Recently Heidi Wrangles Cats, a cat rescuer, was rescuing a litter of kittens when she got an unexpected text informing her that she left a kitten behind! “I received a text from TNR community that we left a kitten behind,” said Heidi. Except this kitten didn’t look like his siblings. Scamp was found in the basement near where she trapped the other cat named Mayhem and his siblings.

“We knew we had gotten all of that litter and this must be a kitten from a different litter,” said Heidi. Heidi is actively looking for his mom and if there are any other siblings but so far she has been unsuccessful. Heidi set up a carrier for Scamp and found warm fleece blankets and a heating desk to prepare for his arrival. As soon as he came home, she started bottle feeding him formula. Since Scamp is only 2.5 weeks old, he’ll need to be bottle-fed every 3-4 hours.

“Scamp update! Our big boy has joined the 1 pound club and now has his own little litter box and just ate wet food for the first time,” said heidiwranglescats. Scamp is now about 4 weeks old, and he started eating solid food. He has a playful personality and loves exploring his new home with his siblings. He’s thriving and growing stronger every day now that he is receiving adequate nutrition!! He is so grateful that his rescuers came back for him.

If you happen to find kittens in public areas, and it appears like they need help or are in danger, take note of where you are and report it to the police or local animal sanctuary. It can be very scary for these animals to be in such a loud and unfamiliar environment, so it’s important to act fast to help get them to safety as soon as possible.

A post shared by Heidi Wrangles Cats (@heidiwranglescats)

You can keep up with Scamp on Instagram!

If you’re interested in adopting from Heidi Wrangles Cats, you can learn more here.

You can also donate here.

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