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2021-12-06 20:00:04 By : Mr. Zeelong Qian

Minneapolis (WCCO​​) — As winter storms approach, roads in Minnesota are expected to become smoother. Auto shops say that quick vehicle inspections can save you a lot of trouble on the road.

"I have never been ready for winter. But I think I must be!" Minneapolis resident Gail Whitson said while checking tire pressure in Coon Rapids on Saturday.

Whether you are ready or not, winter driving in Minnesota is back, and auto shops say that quick inspections can save you from big trouble in the future.

"It's always good not to delay and maintain your vehicle before bad weather arrives," said Darin Williams, head of operations at Bobby & Steve's car plant.

Williams is helping drivers "overwinter" their cars, starting with inspections.

Williams said: "There must be a good set of tires on the car, with good traction, whether it is snow tires or all-season tires."

In cold temperatures, he said to check your tire pressure frequently. Now is a good time to check the car battery, because it will become weaker in the cold.

Make sure your windshield wiper is working properly and check your liquid.

"Definitely most vehicles on the road, check your antifreeze to make sure it is a good cleaning fluid," Williams said.

After getting on the road, law enforcement will remind the driver to slow down and be extra careful.

It is also recommended to have an emergency kit in your vehicle in case you are trapped on the side of the road and need to wait for rescue.

AAA recommends the following items:

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