• Growing marijuana at home: can children be accidentally poisoned?

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:23:34

    In the camp that opposes the legalization of family cultivation of marijuana, the Richmond Foundation stated that family cultivation of marijuana may lead to accidental poisoning of children

    In the camp that opposes the legalization of family cultivation of marijuana, the Richmond Foundatio

  • Beyond St. Louis | Journals and Thematic Media Group

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    Journals and Thematic Media Group | Serving the Greater Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

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    Written by Randy Mink | November 24, 2021

    Author: Randy Mink Journals and Special Issues

    Talented canines perform with trainers on

  • Purr-Fect bins and Pluto squares are not scooped

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:19:19

    Call 888-776-0942 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time

    San Francisco, June 8, 2021/PRNewswire/-If there is a Roomba designed specifically to capture cats, wouldn't it change lives? PLUTO’s flagship product, Pluto Square, modern cat litter cube makes this a reality. This innovation feat

  • Netflix, Hey Tea, Adidas-Best Brand Cooperation | Beijing News

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:18:23

    This article originally appeared on Content Commerce Insider, our sister publication on branded entertainment.

    In the marketing scenario in China, brands in almost every field have shown great willingness to conduct "cross-border" cooperation, which can surpass those who are already famil

  • Animal Shelter Overwhelmed After Rescuing 42 Cats From One Home: 'I Started to Cry'

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:17:35

    An animal shelter is offering a discount on cat adoptions a feline rescue situation became a huge undertaking.

    The Evanston Animal Shelter in Evanston, Illinois, is trying to rehome 35 cats that it rescued from a house that was burnt out in a fire in August this year.

    The shelter had

  • Black Friday Chewy Deals (2021): Pet Food & Supplies Deals Highlighted by Saver Trends | Benzinga

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:17:19

    Save on a selection of Chewy deals at the Black Friday sale, featuring dog bed, cat litter, cat tree and more offers

    Black Friday researchers have compared the latest Chewy deals for Black Friday, featuring savings on Furbo dog cameras. Find the best deals listed below.

    Looking f

  • Cat in Southwest China receives care while owners in quarantine - Chinadaily.com.cn

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:16:03

    A family cat in the Gaoxin district of Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province was provided with food, water, and a clean litter box after taking a nucleic acid test at its home last week.

    The news earned appreciation and recognition from many Chinese pet owners as well as netizens, but

  • Unprepared hikers take a hit in winter conditions--Adirondack Yearbook

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:13:21

    Recent actions of NYS DEC Forest Ranger:

    Lewis County Wilderness Search, Watson Town: At 10:17 PM on November 24, Ray Brook Dispatch received a call from Lewis County, requesting forest rangers to assist in finding missing persons from Lowell. The county stated that they found the subject's

  • Communicate with small animals in St. Louis Animal Kingdom

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:11:55

    In the city itself and outlying areas, St. Louis has many performance venues starring members of the Animal World. From the world-class zoo in the forest park to the sanctuary of endangered wolves in the countryside, safari lovers have many opportunities to get close to various animals.


  • New environmentally friendly Garfield cat litter provides natural odor control solutions

    by admin on 2021-12-06 20:10:08

    Garfield’s licensing company Paws, Inc. and Miami-based company 7Pets specializing in pet products today announced the launch of a new Garfield brand cat litter. Garfield cat litter meets the challenges of safety, cleanliness, practicality and odor control, and is 100% natural and biodegradable